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The Business Value of Sustainability

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Companies at the cutting edge of sustainable practices are already driving innovation and raising business standards for the future.


According to the Energy & Climate Institute, over one-fifth of the world’s largest businesses have committed to net zero targets, representing annual sales of nearly $14 trillion.

30 Trillion

Socially responsible investment is now at $30 trillion, according to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance.


A Rainforest Alliance study shows that 98% of businesses using sustainability standards report benefits in sales and marketing.


Capgemini found that 64% of consumers surveyed say buying sustainable products makes them feel happy when shopping.

The role of design is to both anticipate and respond to the changing context in which it is operating. This context now demands that we anticipate and respond to simultaneous and interlinked social, environmental and climate crises.

Will sustainability ever be the standard?

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Human in Place

The question we must ask ourselves—not only as designers, technologists and strategists, but as people—is:

How can we serve our most pressing client: Planet Earth?

frog partnered with Bellwether to launch a new venture aiming to change the ecosystem of coffee—that has now raised over $55M in funding.

For centuries, the coffee industry has been highly inequitable, with a murky supply chain that leaves little for the farmers who actually produce the beans. By sourcing directly from hand-selected, socially-responsible farms, working with importers who have a shared vision for a more equitable industry, and increasing access to roasting for more coffee entrepreneurs, Bellwether is dramatically changing the industry for the better. frog’s design for the Bellwether brand evokes the radical transparency provided by the company’s platform, with a radiating circle representing the tenets of community, accessibility and inclusivity that Bellwether makes possible within the industry.

frog and Dispatch Goods created a brand that seeks to take down single-use takeout containers, leading to a collaboration with food delivery industry leader DoorDash.


We’ve all felt the guilt that comes with stacking a multitude of plastic takeout containers after ordering dinner in for the night. So, in early 2020, frog jumped at the chance to work with Dispatch Goods, a startup trying to reduce waste by giving restaurant customers the option to order takeout in reusable containers. This values-based service fit their home market of San Francisco perfectly, but they needed a more compelling and trustworthy brand to convince customers of its safety and ease. As a pre-seed startup, they also had limited resources, so frog tailored a brand sprint to create an immediately-deployable brand expression.

On this episode of the Design Mind frogcast, Sesh Vedachalam, Associate Strategy Director in frog London, argues that uncertain times call for regenerative design.

Design Mind

Sesh brought the topic of regenerative design to our attention after months of self-directed research through a program called a ‘Learning Marathon.’ With roots in agriculture, architecture, material design and ecological design, regenerative design is an evolution of the design practice that helps us imagine not just better individual products and services, but more dynamic, more sustainable and more adaptive systems for our designs to live within.

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